With our first-class boarding services and new state of the art enclosures, you can rest assured that your adored pet will be well taken care of during his or her stay.  Our kennel manager, Bunnie, and day care manager, 15 years’ experience in animal care, including monitoring pets’ health and behavior and making them feel safe and comfortable while away from home. Our employees also have the expertise to dispense medication to your pet, including insulin, if required.  While boarding or in our doggie day care center, dogs can enjoy individual playtime. When boarding if owners request dogs can enjoy Doggie Day Care at no extra cost.

When boarding soothing music can be heard, comfy bedding is provided and fresh water is provided at all times.  Each dog will receive a bed time snack.

In the Cat Room we have multi-level Condos and romps in a play room and there is always water at all times.